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About us


CRMK provides studio facilities for independent radio presenters in the Milton Keynes / Northampton area.  The station produces a wide variety of shows, broadcasting online to listeners locally and worldwide.

After the lease for their previous premises ran out, the dedicated group of CRMK presenters finally found their forever home – a disused former toilet block.  Over a series of months, the team transformed an ivy-covered shell into a beautiful radio station with a small carbon footprint and a wheelchair-friendly entrance.  On 1st April 2017, the station began broadcasting live once more!

CRMK was formed in 1978 – originally the name stood for Cable Radio Milton Keynes. The station’s broadcasting medium was literally built into the fabric of the city via a network of underground cables.

The station began life in converted offices of Channel 40 TV on Fishermead Boulevard. When the lease on the MKDC premises ran out, the whole operation was moved to a large caravan in the grounds of InterAction at Peartree Bridge.

Over the decades, the station, throughout various studio moves, has broadcast a huge range of programmes from local interest, religion and arts to shows covering almost every style of music.

We are non-profit, with funds raised being used to cover running costs and improve the studio.

If you are interested in becoming involved, presenting a show, making a donation, or becoming a sponsor, contact us by email or Facebook.

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