Sunday Roast

Sundays noon to 2pm

Sunday Roast will be dished up to you from 12 noon to 2pm GMT in a homely, relaxed atmosphere by a British/Finnish couple Martin & Mailis. You will be served Rock, Pop, Folk, Metal, Weird amongst many others. There will be sides of Continental European & Scandinavian bands and as a treat every week, a new Cheese of the week and Retro Trivial Pursuit 1983 edition questions. You can also Pre-Order items on your plate beforehand. Enjoy your Sunday with a selection that nourishes your soul, mind and spirit for the rest of the day and week ahead.


Martin and Mailis

We are a pair of music consumers. Mailis is from a musical family dabbling with playing instruments in the past. Martin has a broad musical taste obtained from working in a record shop in the 1990s when he was cool. Mailis became a huge Beatles fan growing up in Finland at a very young age after discovering her mum’s ‘With the Beatles’ vinyl album, falling in love with British music. Best gigs Mailis has been to were Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. Martin came back from Glastonbury early once because it rained a lot and he put his tent up in the wrong place. Martin worked in a record shop in the 1990s when he was cool.

Rock/Pop, Metal, Folk, Eurodance, Scandinavian, Finnish, Weird, Samples





Sundays noon to 2pm

Martin and Mailis

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