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Start The Week with The Geriatric DJ as he brings you a magazine of news, comment, special features and great music. Music to make you smile, feel happy and set you on course for a fabulous week.


The Geriatric DJ

As a teenager I dreamed of being a DJ on a pirate radio station but along came The Marine Offences Act ! I have always played music and my motto is LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE ! Now entering my third year with CRMK I love every minute at the microphone.

I may be The Geriatric DJ but I like to think I present my shows in the style I would have had I ever made it onto a pirate ship.

I am also a writer, all of my books have music in them. As that teenager my favourite song was Paperback Writer. The very first 45 single I purchased with my pocket money was African Waltz by Johnny Dankworth, a Milton Keynes man.
I like to think I "know" my music. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER is the greatest piece of music ever written, sorry Mr Beethoven, sorry Mr Beethoven Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel beat you. Take just the music and you have a beautiful, haunting theme. Divorce the words from the music and you are left with a powerful poem. Combine the two and you have the greatest piece of music ever composed.
When I was an undergraduate it was impossible to walk anywhere within the student halls of residence without hearing BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER coming from someone's room. Ever since those days I have always tried to live my life like a BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER.

Awaiting detail

The Geriatric DJ
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Mondays 6am to 8am

The Geriatric DJ

The Geriatric DJ

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