The Grumpy Old Men

They are men with a passion … and they don’t mind voicing their opinions. They are … The Grumpy Old Men! Tune in from 8am until 10am every Saturday morning and join in the debate. What began with a few gripes and moans on an occasional Saturday morning has grown into a lively, full blown 2-hour live radio show that attracts a dedicated nationwide band of regular followers as well as many ex-pats living overseas. The Grumpy Old Men are … veteran presenter & former Milton Keynes and Newport Pagnell mayor, Mike Barry, who teams up with local author and former professional photographer Bob Bluffield; entrepreneur, film-maker and former Lib-Dem Transport Minister for Milton Keynes, Alan Mallyon. The Grumpies pull no punches to bring you a frolicking show packed with debate, controversy, chat, argument, a little music, and an element of fun. It is a programme that is not afraid to champion the causes faced by the underprivileged, by exposing the misdeeds of local councillors, car park attendants and other jobsworths. There can be no better way to start your weekend, but be warned … the Grumpies could spoil your breakfast. Join us each Saturday morning between 8 and 10 o’clock for some ear-warming conversation.

Bob, Mike, Alan & Kev

Saturdays 8am to 10am



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